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Many Bamberg residents still without power as crews work to restore

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Many folks in Bamberg County still don't have power after hurricane Matthew.

Folks are describing some areas of the county like a ghost town.

There wasn't a lot of structural damage in Bamberg County, but plenty of downed trees causing a bunch of problems
like downed power lines. The EMA crew in Bamberg says this is a lot of hard work and overtime to fix the mess.

"Yea it's like a ghost town, it's like a ghost town throughout the day a little bit not too many travelers, but it's definitely a ghost 
town now," said Chad Gill, an area resident.

Gill says he's never seen anything like this, gas stations unable to open and an eerie quietness to the Bamberg County town.
He's driving through for the first time since returning from evacuating.

"I went to Beech Island, me and the wife. We have a six year old, and we went to Beech Island for the week," said Gill.

Bamberg County EMA director Brittany Barnwell and her team are working non-stop hoping to get power to folks who have gone two full
days in the dark.

"It's crazy right now, we have power outages everywhere over the county just the town we are in right now, Ehrhardt, they are completely out
of power," said Barnwell.

Barnwell says restoring power is the first priority, the second; to asses the cost of the damage and report it to the state for possible
damage relief funding. She doesn't have an estimate on the cost yet.

"I'm not too sure about the money right now. I don't want to put a number to that but I know we have a good bit of damage within our cities," said Barnwell.

Houses like these had near misses with uprooted trees falling in the estimated 45 mile per hour wind gusts. 
Area residents like Chad Gill hope the lights are back on soon.

"It's different it's not like it normally is there's usually a couple people at the gas station, you stop and see how they are doing," said Gill.

The emergency management department says at the latest, they hope everyone in Bamberg County has their power restored by
Tuesday night at the latest.

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