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Chatham Co. evacuees start to head home

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Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, and now, residents are ready to assess the damage left behind.

Late Sunday, emergency officials lifted the mandatory evacuation order, giving many Chatham County residents the green light to head home.

Augusta City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson, "Throughout this region, there was a tremendous response in terms of meeting the needs of those who had to come to Augusta for shelter from the storm."

Jackson said the overwhelming number of donations will be sent back to Chatham County to help out the folks who are still without power, or can't access their homes due to uprooted trees and power lines in the roads.

Red Cross officials have assembled evacuation teams to help folks get packed and to assign buses for the trip back home.

Those housed at Josey High School will be the first to head out, leaving Augusta with just over 2,000 coastal visitors left.

"Our self-evacuees shelters where folks drove in themselves, some of them are leaving already," said Fire Chief Chris James.

James said Augusta and Chatham County officials are working to ensure that the city is reimbursed for storm-related expenses.

 "They have reached out to the state to request that Richmond County be included in that declaration so that we can recover some of the funds we have used to assist them in housing and sheltering their citizens," said James.

Officials tell Fox 54 they plan to release folks from the remaining schools starting tomorrow morning.

They anticipate having Chatham County residents in the area through Tuesday.

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