New hip-hop music class helps kids in the CSRA

New hi-hop music class helps kids in the CSRA

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A new program out of Richmond County is teaching kids hip-hop in more ways than one.

Dozens gathered at the Ronald McDonald house for a free seminar to advance their skills and learn from local hip hop leaders

"I like to express myself in many types of ways and so basically I want to get those people out there to actually feel what I'm feeling," said participant Damari Henry.

"Supreme M-C's Rule" is an event that aims to help kids find an way to express themselves creatively.

Selah Jetloud Guru, the founder of M-C's rule, hopes to inspire kids to take their talents to a higher level and stay off of the streets.

"It was a lot of crime and a lot of things going on here so I just felt it was something to find a way to express themselves," said Selah

Kids learned the ins and outs of producing, beat making and writing, a skill that Selah believes a lot of rappers have forgotten.

Event officials say this type of event fills a void that is missing from school music programs.

"Basically a gap of music programs that you know they may have them but sometimes it doesn't touch on what the kids are into right now and sometimes you need to meet kids where they are," said project coordinator Vonetta Hinton.

All of the kids who participated agreed on one thing, they want to further their passion for hip-hop.

"I was in fifth grade and I was in lunch and I just came up with a rap and I put that together and went home and practiced that rap," said Henry.

Programs like "Supreme MC's Rule" give them the knowledge and experience they're looking for.

Today was just the first of many Supreme M-C Rule classes that will be offered. Details for registration are on their website.

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