RCSO: In the event of a robbery, don't take things into your own hands

RCSO: In the event of a robbery, don't take things into your own hands

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - During an attempted robbery at the Subway on Gordon Highway, deputies say a restaurant employee shot and killed one of the suspects, Cornelius Harrison, after one of the suspects hit her fourteen-year-old child with a crowbar. While the employee's actions are daring, law enforcement is warning all of us not to take matters into our own hands.

"Always cooperate, stand back put your hands up, make sure they know you are no threat to them," says Lieutenant Allan Rollins. If you become the victim of a robbery, do not try anything out of the ordinary. You don't want to put yourself in any more danger. "Give them what they want, if they just want the cash register, let them have it. It's only money. Most important part is to remain calm, get all the information you can."

But what you can do is remember key details like height, weight and facial structure so you can identify the crook later.

Shawn Thomas, who has more than fifteen years of experience as a business owner, knows firsthand the importance of a customer's safety as well as his employees. "Well it's very important with employee safety, you gotta make sure that certain things happen at opening and closing rather. In my operation everybody leaves together, I'm sorry but we have to leave together."

He says simple precautionary steps can be taken in order to lessen the chances of a business being robbed, but there's no guarantee. "You know that there's a time for everything, you don't want to be a hero, safety is first."

The second suspect, Brandon Simmons, was found early Monday morning and has been booked into the Detention Center, charged with felony Possession of Methamphetamine, Aggravated Assault and Felony Murder. The Sheriff's Office is still investigating the case.

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