High 5 4 Kids: Beleil Lamb

High 5 4 Kids: Beleil Lamb

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This week's "High 5 4 Kids" award goes to a bright young man who is heading to the top. He's an academic scholar, athlete and an overall leader in his community.

"As an African American young male, I have the potential to do great things," Beleil Lamb said. "I just hate to see people throw that away. So my motivation is just doing the best you can."

And his hard work is paying off. Lamb is a rising sophomore at A.R. Johnson.

"I've been a great student, a good student, but this year I want to be stellar and do the best that I can," said Lamb.

Lamb has been a member of the Boys and Girls Club for about four years. He said getting involved with the organization has truly changed his life.

"The Boys and Girls Club did save me," Lamb said. "I wasn't on downward spiral, but I was still having trouble and it did change me so I really appreciate that."

He's had a lot of opportunities through the club. And those are preparing him for an amazing future.

"Most people think, they go in there, they play basketball, dodgeball and stuff. So much more than that," Lamb said. "You learn to succeed. You have career launch, money matters, you have classes. It's not boring, it's not lame but it's fun and you learn new things."

A large amount of his support comes from his family and making them proud is truly rewarding.

"Anytime that I do something out of place," Lamb said. "They are extra, extra hard on me because they know that I can do so much better."

Lamb has a 3.6 GPA and is working to graduate at the top of his class in 2019.

"I want multiple opportunities," Lamb said. "By the time I graduate, I want multiple scholarships and recommendations. Being an outstanding student at a young age is the way to get there."

Beleil hopes to attend either Yale or Georgia Tech to study chemical engineering, or possibly psychology.

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