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High 5 4 Kids: Miranda Mills


This week's "High 5 4 Kids" award, goes to a ten year old who is striving to be the best that she can possibly be. She's an honor student and very creative.

Meet Miranda Mills.

"I like to go swimming and make rubber band bracelets," said Mills. 
Like most kids, she has her hobbies. When she's not busy with a creative task, she's out making plans for a promising future.
"I like to achieve my goals," said Mills.
Mills is an honor students, who has been exposed to many opportunities. She's always been interested in becoming an engineer and has been involved with many STEM programs across the CSRA.
"We make Legos and one time we made a roller coaster and we work with robots and everything," said Mills.
But she doesn't stop there, Mills wants to keep her options open. She said the thought of becoming a news reporter, also appeals to her.
Miranda has a bright future ahead of her, with the support of her aunt and sister, she's well on her way. Miranda said she hopes her drive and determination can encourage kids her age to continue to reach their goals.
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