2 Strong 4 Bullies: March Against Violence

2 Strong 4 Bullies: March Against Violence

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Bullying is no laughing matter.

That's why 3 different organizations is in the CSRA are teaming up Saturday to spread the word to kids in our community, and make it "2 strong 4 Bullies." They are doing this by hosting a March in Unity walk in downtown Augusta to spread the word against all forms of violence, especially bullying.

15-year-old Azariyah Carr was a victim of bullying her freshmen year of high school.

"I always knew that He, he has me. I always have to pray to him and talk to him," Azariyah said.

Azariyah turned to her faith, but also her mom to get her through the tough time. She was bullied in the form of severe name calling from a group of boys every day at school.

"Just out of the ordinary things. And it got so bad to where one who rode my bus, he had to get expelled because he was trying to start a fight with me on the bus," Azariyah explained.

"I was furious. Not only was I furious, I was hurt. I felt like I couldn't protect my daughter while she was inside of her school, where she was going to learn," said Azariyah's mom, Chan-Tresa Carr.

And now the Carr's use their experience to help others.

Chan-Tresa is the Program Coordinator for I S.H.E.I.L.D. She and her team with the program are joining DRJ Ministries and CSRA Saving Our Students for a March against violence this weekend.

"I am excited for tomorrow because it's going to bring the CSRA together. Focusing on youth violence, child abuse, bullying. That's the things I-SHEILD stands for. Any type of abuse we want to be able to eradicate inside of our communities," Chan-Tresa said.

The groups said tomorrow is chance for bullying victims, past and present, to come together and support each other.

"The power that the bullier took from them. They're going to kind of get that back a little bit tomorrow. They're going to be able to be on the stage. And they're going to be able to just be them," said Annettea Mills, CEO and Founder CSRA Saving Our Students Inc.

"I want the young people to understand bullying in its least is bullying. The smallest part, the name calling. Small things in their eye-sight that they look as child's play. I want them to realize it is bullying." Said Derwin R. Jackson Dr.  Director DRJ Ministries

Saturday's March will start at the Municipal Building in Downtown Augusta.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Meet time is 9:00am and the March starts at 10:00am.

It'll end at the Historic Springfield Baptist Church where and concert and speakers will be present.

There will be vendors, games and more as well.

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