Missing McDuffie County man found alive

Missing McDuffie County man found alive

MCDUFFIE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A happy ending in the search for a missing McDuffie County man, who suffers from Alzheimer's. This evening, searchers found 79-year-old Reese Langham alive. Police said he walked away from his home on Ridge Road Sunday afternoon with his two dogs and never returned. Law enforcement agencies and search groups have been working around the clock, to bring him back home safely.

"Your all American family. They get up, they have their daily routine, it's just another day and then bam. Something happen that you don't ever expect to happen," said Tracy Sargent, K9 Search and Rescue Handler.

This is what day three of the search for Reese Langham looked like.

"Patrol efforts all day with DNR, Columbia County, First Responders, neighbors from around to help on this search," said Sheriff Logan Marshall with McDuffie County.

From helicopters, to K9, you name it. Search crews were doing all that they could to find a clue that would get them a step closer in finding Langham.

"Clearing some areas trying to identify where he's not at. So we can kind of focus on where he may be," said Sgt. Matt Garthright with DNR Law Enforcement.

Langham suffers with Alzheimer's and other medical conditions which Tracy Sargent said made the search even more difficult.

"Because of the mindset of Alzheimer's and his physical abilities to be able to travel, not only travel but travel long distances. Makes it in fact one of the hardest types of persons to try to locate. In fact it's easier to a fugitive than a subject like Reese," said Sargent.

Their hard work paid off. Rescue crews found Langham alive around 6 o'clock this evening. Dispatchers at the McDuffie County Sheriff's Office tell Fox 54 that he is being taken to Augusta University for medical treatment.

No details were given regarding his condition.

Langham's family reported him missing on Sunday night when he left his Ridge Road home, along with his two dogs.

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

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