2 Strong 4 Bullies: Sachin Ganeshbabu

2 Strong 4 Bullies: Sachin Ganeshbabu

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Bullying is common in schools all across the country, but in Columbia County Riverside Middle School has a strict "no tolerance" policy.

Fox 54 spoke with one of their students, Sachin Ganeshbabu, about overcoming his experience with bullying over a medical condition that affects his legs, and the way he walks

"I believe I'm pretty blessed to even have legs to walk on. Whereas, someone may not," Ganeshbabu said.

14- year-old Ganeshbabu is starting high school in the fall. He was born bowlegged and has had to overcome the challenges that come along with the condition. This includes hearing comments from other students.

"They would just point. Say 'Ha, you're bowlegged' and run down the hallway to the next class or something like that," Ganeshbabu said.

Sachin said he can count on his friends for comfort, and with his parents' support, he's learned how to not let bullies get him down.

"They taught me the Christian way how to ignore it. And the next day when someone said that, they did say that after I had the conversation with my parents, I said okay who cares and went to my last class." Ganeshbabu explained.

Riverside Middle School campaigns against bullying and addresses reports quickly. Sachin's painful condition has required corrective surgeries and physical therapy throughout his life. But he said he is who is he is and everyone should be proud of who they are.

"All you have to do is just let it go. Because there are a lot of people that appreciate you, and respect you for who you are. So, never ever let bullying get to you," Ganeshbabu said.

Sachin said he hopes to one-day work in politics or own his own business. He said regardless of what people say or think of his condition, nothing will stop him from achieving his goals.

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