Steven Murray speaks after being charged with murder of Father Robert

Steven Murray speaks after being charged with murder of Father Robert
Father Robert (Source: St. Johns County Sheriff's Office/CNN)
Father Robert (Source: St. Johns County Sheriff's Office/CNN)

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The suspect in the death of a Florida priest will not be getting out of jail anytime soon. On Wednesday, a Burke County judge denied bond for Steven Murray.

Moments before Murray's court appearance, the Burke County Sheriff announced Murray would be charged with the murder of Father Rene Robert.

As Murray was led out of the courtroom, he told a FOX 54 camera that he is sorry and that Father Robert was a good man.

"If anyone loves Father Rene they will forgive me because he was a man of God, and forgiveness is forgiveness," said Murray as he left the courthouse on Wednesday.

It was a stark contrast to Murray's previous appearance in an Aiken County courtroom when the suspect smiled and waved to others in the room.

"I have mental problems and I lost control of myself, I apologize," said Murray.

As for the body investigators say Murray led them to in the woods -- autopsy results are in. Officials cannot say for sure that body belonged to the Florida priest.

"At this time, we cannot, I repeat, we cannot, confirm that the body is that of Father Rene Robert. Because of the condition of the body, dental records will be needed to confirm the identity. We are working to get the needed records from Florida expedited so the lab can positively identify the victim," said Burke County Sheriff Greg Coursey.

The autopsy did reveal the cause of death, gunshot wounds. The death has been ruled a homicide. GBI lead investigator Pat Morgan says Murray is cooperating.

"I will tell you that he was very relaxed, very with it, he answered our questions so that's the best I can describe it," said GBI lead investigator Pat Morgan.

Sheriff Greg Coursey says Murray would not be facing murder charges in the county if investigators weren't confident that this is where the crime happened. For now, the case that has spanned three states is going to unfold in Burke County.

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