High 5 4 Kids: Sawyer Roberts

High 5 4 Kids: Sawyer Roberts

BURKE COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - This week's High 5 4 Kids honoree, is an eight year old who is doing great things at Waynesboro Primary. She's in the gifted program, is an honor student and is reading on a seventh grade level, even though she's in second grade!

"Achieving things, reaching your goals and making a difference," said Sawyer Roberts.

Three easy steps that this second grader is following.

"She has won the math challenge in the past. She has won awards for high reading level. So far this year, she's almost on a seventh grade reading level," said Gay Askew.

And the list goes on.

"She is a teacher's dream," Askew said. "I wish I had a room full of Sawyers."

Sawyer said it didn't take her long to realize her love for reading and discovering new things.

"I found a turtle and I wanted to know what kind it was," Roberts said. "So I went and googled it and I read a whole story about it."

When she's not wrapped in an interesting book, she's off being a regular eight year old.

"I take after my sister with tennis and I like basketball, softball and soccer," said Roberts.

Sawyer has a lot of support, but it's a special person who makes all of her achievements worth it.

"My dad is really smart and he's really good at everything so I like to feel like him," said Roberts.

"All the children loves her," Askew said. "They all say how good she is and how smart she is. Everything is always, Sawyer can do it."

"I just really think I should do good. Because if you're bad, what good does that do?," said Roberts.

Sawyer said she big plans! She wants to become a teacher or a doctor when she grows up.

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