Firefighter survival training in Richmond County

Firefighter survival training in Richmond County
Fire on Fenwick St.; Source: WFXG

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Life-saving training comes to the Augusta – Richmond County Fire Department. On Monday, the department hosted firefighter survival training.

Fire crews typically train on how to save the lives of others, but this was a little different. A group of Augusta and Fort Gordon Firefighters learned how to better help themselves. The training teaches crew members how to get out of a dangerous situation if they end up alone—by following their fire hose back out-- especially in situations where they cannot see.

"Today they are pretty much retracing their holes out," says Lt. Alima Mims. "This is mimicking that you've gotten lost from your company. You're on a hose line and you need to retrace it back to the pump, and that's the way out."

The Fire Departments says on average 27 firefighters die each year by not being training on tactic skills, such as those learned today.

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