Virtual reality on display at Augusta National

Virtual reality on display at Augusta National

Augusta National Golf Club (WFXG) - Virtual reality is the new way to watch sports, and it's on display this week at Augusta National.

The technology can make you feel like you have a front-row seat – even from hundreds of miles away. Special cameras compress 4 to 8 megabits per second of footage straight to the Samsung Gear V-R. The new device looks like a pair of swimming goggles. You connect it to your phone and in seconds, you're transported to another world!

The device has already offered live streaming for NASCAR, Professional Boxing and the U-S Open. It won't be limited to sporting events—think concerts and tours of places around the world as far as South Africa!

Next-VR provides the technology behind the device and reps say they predict this will become the new norm for tuning in to live events.
"Essentially, where the camera lens is, is where you are sitting," explains Brad Allen with Next VR. "The camera would basically be your head! As opposed to looking at a rectangle like we do on television, this gives you the sense of sitting here and looking around as if you're actually there."

The device is rather large right now, but Allen says that's because this is the first model--and by the end of they year, he expects them to be a small as your sunglasses.

A pair of the Gear V-Rs costs $99. If you're already planning to order the new Galaxy 7, Sony is throwing in a pair for free so you'll be one of the first to check it out.

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