Masters displayed in 4k technology for first time ever

Masters displayed in 4k technology for first time ever

Augusta National Golf Club (WFXG) - Being able to see Amen Corner in person is pretty spectacular, but thanks to modern technology, you can nearly get that in your living room.

For the first time in sports history, a 4k broadcast will be shown at Amen Corner during the Masters.

If you're not familiar with 4k technology, it's called Ultra HD, it's considered a notch above standard HD.

Officials say this is the future of sports broadcasting.

"Your eyes, your normal daily looking at things, you're used to seeing things a certain way, you look at it on television and the myriad of ways it gets delivered it may be a little softer, it may be a little fuzzy. This is just what we've become conditioned to. This is so crisp and clear it's kind of startling, it's just a whole new dimension of how we would look at anything, sports especially," said John Ward, the senior VP of AT&T Entertainment content.

This service is provided by AT&T only on TV's using DirecTV with 4k compatibility.

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