H54K: Heidi Gray

H54K: Heidi Gray

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - After auditioning twice for her dream role, with no luck, this week's High Five for Kids is a perfect example of persistence paying off!

Meet Heidi Gray, a 12-year-old native of North Augusta with big dreams, and an even bigger voice!

"When I was little, I was like oh my gosh, I want to be Annie one day!" said Gray.

That one day came sooner than expected!

Gray had been going on auditions with her mom for different productions when she got the call they'd been waiting for-the starring role of Annie was hers!

Gray said, "My mom was crying and my grandma was also with us; she was laughing!"

Every week is a new adventure as she makes her way across the United States portraying America's favorite freckle-faced, red head.

She said so far, Washington DC has been her favorite stop.

"The memorials and buildings were cool. We got to take lots of field trips. It was really fun," said Gray.

When Gray gets to come home in between shows she says she loves to catch up with her friends from the local choir and play with her little brother.
But, she still squeezes in a little rehearsal time so that she's on her A-game when she hits the stage.

"I definitely want to be on Broadway in New York City when I'm an adult," said Gray.

Now that she's gotten a taste of what the bright lights and roaring applause feel like, Heidi wants to encourage other kids her age to aim high!

"You've just gotta keep trying and dreams do really come true!" said Gray.

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