Church holds summit standing against bullying

Beech Island church holds summit standing against bullying

BEECH ISLAND, SC (WFXG) - "It doesn't matter what you look like, or what you wear, or what kind of shoes you have on," 5th grader Shanita Jones said.

"I don't like bullying because I feel like everyone has a unique talent, or a unique personality," 8th grade Jeffery Chambers said.

Shanita and Jeffery are not alone in their beliefs. Almost 500 of their peers joined them at New Beginning Ministries Church this weekend for a 2 day Youth Summit aimed at preventing bullying.

Behind the event is Antoinette Lewis, the church's Youth Director, whose been putting on the summit for 6 years in Beech Island.

"Every year we bring something in, and every year I see a big difference in the kids. It's just been wonderful," Lewis said.

Upon arrival every participating kid in the summit put on a bright orange shirt that reads "SOFAB" meaning they are speaking out freely against bullying. This weekend participants watched a play about bullying, listened to guests' speakers, and came together through song and prayer.

Lewis wants every kid to leave the summit willing to stand up against bullying, and not be afraid to ask for help.

"It's been said, they see it being done, but they don't say anything. So, we want them to Speak up, and speak out. Not only to me, but to any adult," Lewis explained.

A party was held at the end of summit for everyone to eat, and dance and have fun together, bully free.

Together this group of teens is helping make the CSRA 2 Strong 4 Bullies.

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