The History of the Haunted Pillar

The History of the Haunted Pillar
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(WFXG) - With all the ghost stories we've told you throughout the WFXG Files, we have to end with one, it's the biggest superstition, the Haunted Pillar in Augusta, it's said if you touch it, something very bad will happen to you.

It's located right on the corner of 5th and Broad Street.

To find out why this pillar has so much allure, we have to go back over 138 years, to a time where the bustle of Broad Street was the town's main marketplace.

"It's literally world famous," said Michael Wolff of the Augusta Ghost Trolley.

We were invited on a special ride along with the Augusta Ghost Trolley, a year round tour hosted by Michael Wolff, an Augusta history buff, specializing in the city's ghost stories.

"It was the busiest place in town at that time, and therefore, before radio and television that's where you went to get the latest news or perhaps even the latest gossip," said Wolff.

It's said the focal point of the town started getting disrupted, by a minister who continued preaching despite being asked not to.

"At which point the townspeople got kind of angry about it, so the story is they literally picked him up and physically threw him out," said Wolff.

After that things took a turn for the worse.

"So in his recourse he picked himself up and I can only imagine clenching his bible in one hand and clenching his fist up in the other, it is said he brought down a curse on Augusta," said Wolff.

Sure enough, a tornado ripped through the city, destroying the towns marketplace. The only thing left was the pillar.

"He predicted there would be a mighty wind and come and destroy the building. And the only thing standing would be that one pillar, to remind the people of Augusta their denial of him and of God's church," said Wolff.

The legend of the pillar was the first thing the South Coast Paranormal Society heard about when they established themselves in the CSRA.

"I've been on a tour and people have driven by and yelled 'dont touch it' they've yelled this, don't touch the pillar. The people from out of town will touch the pillar, the locals will not," said Moran.

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