Inmate accused of attacking deputy at jail

Inmate accused of attacking deputy at jail

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - An inmate at the Columbia County Detention Center has two confrontations with deputies in one day.  Daniel Robinson was charged in the shooting death of a man in a church parking lot. Now, he also faces two charges of obstructing law enforcement officers.

According to an incident report, deputies were moving Robinson to a maximum security cell on Monday when he spat on one of the deputies. He continued to verbally attack the deputy, saying "You know if I get the death penalty, I'm going to kill you. F*** it! I'm going to kill you anyway."

Another incident report shows a second confrontation happened hours later. During that incident, a deputy admitted to using pepper spray to get Robinson under control. As soon as the deputy sprayed the irritant, Robinson reportedly hit the deputy above his left eye. Other deputies helped restrain Robinson.

Robinson is accused of killing Bill Daviette and beating his wife Jennifer at Marvin United Methodist Church in August of 2014. Robinson allegedly tried to steal Daviette's car. Investigators say he hit Jennifer over the head and shot Bill in the face three times.

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