2 Strong 4 Bullies

2 Strong 4 Bullies



It is not controversial to say, "Our children are our most precious resource."  WFXG is inviting The Eichholz Law Firm to join us in ensuring Our Children get every advantage to thrive across the CSRA. During 2014 WFXG initiated the most ambitious project in the history of our television station. It's called For Our Children.

The campaign is multi-faceted and involves private companies, charitable organizations and  every department and employee at WFXG. We are incorporating the For Our Children Campaign into the fabric and culture of the station, and we would like to invite The Eichholz Law Firm to join with us to celebrate the children of the CSRA.

The goal of the For Our Children  campaign is to encourage public and private corporations and organizations to work together and ensure all of our children get every opportunity for a full and meaningful future.  We will strive to enhance the childhood experience by raising awareness of the real needs of the children in our communities. Whether it's children's health or education, the campaign will help draw attention to these topics and offer solutions and  encouragement for the families of the CSRA, all in the name of protecting, educating, empowering, serving, and helping children.

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If you or someone you know has dealt with bullying, or if you're an organization that helps with bullying, click here to submit a story idea to our 2 Strong 4 Bullies segment.