Non-profits urge donating on on Giving Tuesday

Non-profits urge donating on on Giving Tuesday

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The last few days have been filled with spending, first with Black Friday, and today with Cyber Monday. But some groups here in the CSRA are asking you to turn your money from spending, to donating.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a chance for people to donate to a non-profit organization or charity. Non-profit groups in the CSRA said this is the perfect chance to start the season of giving.

"So many times during this time of the year we are focused on buying gifts for other people or maybe our people in our family," said Travis McNeal, the Executive Director of Golden Harvest Food Bank.

"People are in the spending mode, and so we're just trying to divert a little bit of that over to charity," said Laverne Gold, the President of the United Way of the CSRA."

With Giving Tuesday just a few hours away, non-profit groups across the CSRA are hoping shoppers are spending a little money on those in need this holiday season.

"Folks do want to give, and Augusta is a giving community," Gold said.  "When we're blessed, we have an opportunity to bless others, and our blessings come from the things that we're able to do for others."

With the click of the mouse, or a food or clothing donation, you can help change the life of someone here in the community, and help make their holiday one they'll remember.

"The stronger the community is, the stronger all of us are," said Gold.

"Stop and slow down a minute, and think about those who are in need. People who may not have a meal during this time of the year," McNeal said. "It doesn't have to be a hundred dollars, it doesn't have to be a thousand dollars. It can be a five dollar gift, and you can make a great difference in someone's life."

For more information on Giving Tuesday, and to find out what charities in the CSRA are participating, click here.

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