High 5 4 Kids: Shaniya Blockett

High 5 4 Kids: Shaniya Blockett

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - One local high schooler is getting a new experience and who knows, you might just see her on TV with us one day.

After six years, T W Josey has brought back a program that allows kids to be creative and explore broadcasting.

"This is something new to Josey and I think this would help people do something different," Shaniya Blockett said.

It's a unique task that doesn't happen overnight.
Students at T W Josey High School were introduced to a new course this year allowing them to explore the many areas of broadcasting.

"One day I may want to be a producer, you never know and it's helping me with that," Blockett said. 

But she's more than a face for her peers.

"My grades are very important to me," Blockett said. 

Shaniya has managed to maintain a three point five grade point average and is ranked second in her class.

"Sometimes you have to stay up late nights maybe after 12 o'clock to finish your homework or turn in assignments that you didn't do," Blockett said. "Or even stay after school."

That may sound a bit extreme, but Shaniya understands what needs to be done in order to finish on top.

"I'm really trying to get a scholarship for my academics," Blockett said.

Although she is testing out different career paths, it's the little things that she will learn from this course that will push her to achieve more.

"I kind of twiddle my fingers a lot when I get nervous," Blockett said. "So I just have to focus my energy somewhere else. And I also think that doing this will help me get over my stage fright."

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