Newly elected Grovetown mayor Gary Jones to investigate city spending

After beating out the mayor who helped fire him as chief of police in Grovetown, mayor-elect Gary Jones is already talking big changes.

His first order of business? A full-scale investigation into city spending.

First off, he said it's not a revenge audit against Mayor George James or that he's doing this because of bad blood. He says he's heard of discrepancies and wants complete transparency with the residents of Grovetown when he takes office.

"I want to make sure all assets are accounted for, all assets are where they are supposed to be, documented and so forth, there have been some discrepancies pointed out to me by a CPA and I have some concern about that, I want to make sure everything is on the up and up," said Jones.

We asked him if it's because he suspects any wrongdoing by the Mayor who helped fire him back in April.

"I'm not doing that because I suspect criminal activity, I'm doing that to protect me as the incoming mayor, the mayor that's going out as well as city council and all the tax payers," said Jones.

He insists it's the smart thing to do.

"There's no bad blood, it's common sense and it's something that somebody should do when they take office," said Jones.

Where would this money come from for an audit? Jones says he's looking into using the GBI to offset the cost.

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