Columbia County election results


Georgia State Representative in the General Assembly from the 122nd District
Pat Goodwin (R) 14.51%
Jodi Lott (R) 42.39%
Joe Mullins (R) 13.97%
Mack Taylor (R) 28.87%
(100% precincts reporting)

Columbia County Commissioner District 3
Jim Bartley (R) 8.42%
Gregory Grzybowski (R) 21.59%
Gary Richardson (R) 39.31%
Frank Spears (R) 20.35%
Russell Wilder (R) 9.87%
(100% precincts reporting)

Harlem City Council (vote for two)

Jennifer Bennett 30.82%
Joe Lokey 17.38%
Gregg W. Stokes (Incumbent) 41.64%
James Thomas, Jr. 10.16%
(50% precincts reporting)

Grovetown Mayor

George W. James (Incumbent) 31.61%
Gary Jones 63.69%
(100% precincts reporting)

Grovetown City Council (vote for two)

Eric W. Blair 26.86%
Renee Page McDowell (Incumbent) 22.04%
David William Payne 24.36%
Dennis O. Trudeau (Incumbent) 26.29%
(100% precincts reporting)