SafeHomes new shelter nearing completion

SafeHomes new shelter nearing completion

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - SafeHomes of Augusta is one step closer to making their new domestic violence shelter a reality. Tuesday night, key investors for the new shelter got the chance to tour the new facility, and leave their mark in a place that will help save the lives of women and children across the CSRA.

"I'm just overwhelmed. There's really no other words to say except I'm overwhelmed," said Aimee Hall, the Executive Director for SafeHomes

After 14 months of planning, fundraising and construction, the new SafeHomes of Augusta shelter is nearing completion. Tonight, investors got to see what their generous donations helped build.

Jimmy Rhodes has been a supporter and investor in SafeHomes for 10 years, and said it was time for the shelter to get an upgrade.

"There's so many women that are being turned down that need help. And the facilities they have now are so small, and so outdated," Rhodes said.

The new shelter will have 36 beds, more rooms for counseling and treatment, and more kid and teen friendly spaces.

In what SafeHomes is calling a Legacy of Love, investors signed and left messages for future shelter residents. The messages, reading "Bless this house" and "Welcome home", serve as a reminder that there is help to anyone who is being abused.

"There's help for you. Come forward, let somebody know," said Rhodes.  "For every one that does come forward there's probably four, five or six that don't. And they're either embarrassed or scared or afraid or whatever. And there's people out here that can help you."

"I've been up there and I've read some of the comments that have been written, and you can tell that people really care about this issue," Hall said.  "And they really want us to stop this issue."

The new shelter is set to open in May 2016?. To donate to the SafeHomes Capital Campaign, click here for more information.

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