Citations issued for underage alcohol sales

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Clerks at five Augusta businesses have been cited for selling alcohol to minors who were actually working  for the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.   The undercover operation focused on the sale of alcohol to minors with five of 15 businesses checked selling to minors.

The businesses where the sales took place are:

  • Savin Haven 4474 Mike Padgett Hwy
  • King Food Mart 2177 Broad St
  • Central Mart 2061 Central Ave
  • JAHO Mart 1770 Kissingbower Rd
  • D&M Market 1959 Kissingbower Rd

The clerks who sold to the undercover deputies are each charged with one misdemeanor citation of Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor.  The establishments are still open for business.

Store owners will have to go to court to receive their punishment, which could vary from a fine to community service. Officials said undercover operations like this one are done to make sure people are following the rules, and to serve as a warning for all businesses that serve alcohol in Richmond County.

"Be smart about this. As a business owner, you have to be smart," said Sgt. Shane McDaniel. "Make sure the persons are over the age of 21, make sure that you're not selling to someone that's going to give to someone that's under the age of 21. That's your livelihood, protect it, just like you would protect your home."

Sgt. McDaniel said if the stores continue to sell to minors and get caught again, they could face probation, and even lose their alcohol license.

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