RCSO urges residents to vote "yes" for SPLOST 7

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Election day is just over a month away, and one of the main proposals on the ballot is the SPLOST 7 referendum. The proposed SPLOST package this year sits at $215,550,000.

Many people are on the fence about which way to vote, but one group in particular is asking for Richmond County residents to check the Yes box on November 3.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office would receive around $30 million if the SPLOST package is passed. Sheriff Roundtree said this money is for more than just an update in equipment it's to help save lives across the CSRA.

"This is something that we need almost immediately," said Sheriff Roundtree.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said it needs $30 million to be exact, all from the proposed SPLOST 7 package.

"There's no other funding source that the county currently has without either dipping into reserves or finding the resources through tax payers," Sheriff Roundtree said. "That's something no one wants."

The Sheriff's Office lists several equipment upgrades that need to take place. A new radio system, costing about $15 million, and new patrol cars costing $9 million, are the two most expensive items.

Sheriff Roundtree said with the radio system now, coverage varies across the county, and when it comes to a life or death situation, it's crucial deputies are always able to take a call from dispatch.

"You don't ever want to be in a situation where you can't communicate with deputies through 911 or through other deputies in the surrounding counties when lives are on the line," he said. "That's something that you shouldn't have to put a price tag on. This is a life-saving issue that we're talking about."

As for the patrol cars, Sheriff Roundtree said the Sheriff's Office is down about 100 cars, and as they look to hire new deputies, the lack of transportation will be a big problem when it comes to keeping the streets safe.

So as November 3 draws closer, Sheriff Roundtree is asking the public to read through the entire SPLOST proposal, because the safety of your neighborhood could depend on a check in the yes column.

For the full SPLOST proposal for the November election, click here.

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