High 5 4 Kids: Mackenzie Blackwell

High 5 4 Kids: Mackenzie Blackwell

HEPHZIBAH, GA (WFXG) - This week's High 5 4 Kids spotlight is an elementary school student, who at just eight years old, is already a published author.

Mackenzie Blackwell spends most of her time here in the media center at Deer Chase Elementary, drawing and reading, all to come up with ideas for a new book.

Mackenzie is already a published author, and she said her ideas come from her every day experiences.

"I had just had breakfast when I came up with the idea, and I was like 'I really wanna  make a book' and I said 'I just ate breakfast, and I like muffins and eggs, and maybe making a book about it would be good," she said.

So she got to work. spending every second she could making her ideas come to life. Scott Williams, Mackenzie's second grade teacher, said she would even skip most students' favorite part of the day to work on her book.

"She would take her recess and she'd say 'I'm not gonna go to recess today Mr. Williams, can I go and work with Miss Nora in the library?' So that really impressed me," Williams said. "It was not about playtime, it was 'I want to go in there and actually do this."

She recruited classmates to help voice over the characters, and in the end, her book received honorary recognition at the Georgia Student Media Festival.

Romona Nora, the media specialist at Deer Chase, said Mackenzie's passion for writing has even inspired some of her classmates.

"She's just very motivated. She knows how to motivate kids to do positive things, that's what I really like about her," Nora said.

Mackenzie has some advice for other young writers.

"Brainstorm your own ideas, 'cause it's your book and you can do what you want in your book," she said.

Mackenzie said she and her friends are already working on their next book for competition, and they can't wait to start writing.

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