H 5 4 Kids: Hayden's Gymnastics Academy

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Hayden's Gymnastics Academy is one of only five gyms in the state of Georgia with a program dedicated to trampoline and tumbling.

Amanda Hollingsworth is 10 years old and has been participating in the sport for the past three years. She is now gearing up with her team for their regional meet this November.

"I get to flip, I stretch at home, and I do lots of cartwheels," said Hollingsworth.

The sport has been picking up in popularity since gaining international attention in places like China, but coach Sarah Smith said the most important aspect of competing is helping the kids build their self-confidence.

"The confidence helps them not only in the gym, but everywhere else. Having confidence in themselves and knowing they have the ability to do things will take them far in life," said Smith.

When you consider costumes, bus rides, and hotel stays, the sport can start to add up! So, after Amanda finishes her homework and practice, she makes custom earrings to raise money.

 "It does take dedication to do it, especially if you want to achieve a high level," said Smith.

The rewards from achieving that high level of performance is one of Amanda's favorite parts!

 "Getting the trophies and hanging out with my teammates!" said Hollingsworth.

Coaches said they are advocating for all three areas of trampoline and tumbling to become Olympic certified sports.

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