Labor Day weekend to expect heavy traffic, cheap gas

Labor Day weekend to expect heavy traffic, cheap gas
Lane Closures from SC DOT (WFXG)

(WFXG) - The holiday travel kicks into full gear Friday as we enter Labor Day Weekend.

Officers are on high alert as the roads get busier and historically low gas prices will have even more drivers on the road.

The local rest stop off of Exit 1 in North Augusta said they've already seen a significant increase in travelers so
far this weekend.

The long weekend means girls weekend for the L'amour De Souer social group, their annual six hour haul from Roam to Charleston is a little easier on the wallet this year.

"Maybe we'll be able to buy us a little something something with the cheaper gas prices," said one of the travelers.

In fact, the cheapest gas prices since 2004 on Labor Day weekend. WFXG saw gas as cheap as a dollar and 85 cents per gallon at the Shell
off of Exit 1 in Aiken. As folks made stops at the South Carolina welcome center, administrative director Rhea Zorn said she's seen an increase in the amount of visitors.

"The doors have been opening a lot more this year than the previous year," said Zorn.

Zorn and her team are holding their annual Labor Day Pitstop at the rest stop, providing free snacks and beverages to weary travelers entering South Carolina. They are promoting safe driving and responsibility this weekend.

"A lot of our local retailers donate all the snacks and drinks that you see, just so the travelers have a little safety break stop can get a little rest
and a little snack," said Zorn.

And as L'amour De Souer gets set to hit the road for a weekend in the sun, they'll use that saved money for something special.

"We'll be able to do a little extra on our trips, maybe take a few souviners back to Georgia for our families," said one of the travelers.
Triple A wants to make sure however you plan to celebrate you get to your destination safely. From now through Tuesday, they will be offering free tow-to-go services. They will bring you and your car to any destination within 10 miles.
All you have to do is call 1-800-2-tow-2-go.