High 5 4 Kids: Eric Ruiz

High 5 4 Kids: Eric Ruiz

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "I felt that I could've been challenged more," said Eric Ruiz.

Instead of hanging out in the halls between classes and studying for the SAT, Ruiz has decided to take advantage of a pretty neat opportunity.

He is dually enrolled at both Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School and Georgia Regents University.

Ruiz said, "I found out about the program through my counselor. She did a presentation to our classes one day. She explained to me the pros and cons and I'm definitely thankful for her."

The program allows juniors and seniors to earn college credits while finishing up their high school requirements.

With a 3.9 GPA and aspirations of graduating early, Ruiz said this program was the perfect fit.

"I love the experience here. I love the environment and the people," said Ruiz.

This is his second week at GRU, and Ruiz said even though the course work is a little difficult, it's exactly the challenge he was looking for.

"There's no teachers that constantly hawk you to do your work. It's very independent and a heavy work load," said Ruiz.

If he keeps at this pace, that heavy work load will pay off putting him two years ahead of other students his age!

Even though hanging out on a college campus is a lot different than relating to friends, Ruiz said this is an experience he wouldn't trade.

"I think it was a great decision. I've grown as a person and become very independent," said Ruiz.

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