GRU reveals new mascot Augustus

GRU reveals new mascot Augustus

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Big changes are underway as classes start at Georgia Regents University.

Not only is it the first week with Dr. Brooks Keel as the new President, but also the first day of a new school mascot.

Augustus made his debut to a cheering crowd Tuesday afternoon as Al E. Cat, the former mascot of 23 years, heads into retirement.

"I think if today was any indication, he's pretty active and pretty energetic," said Athletic Director Clint Bryant.

Bryant is excited for the new direction the university is taking. Not only with the new mascot, but also under new leadership.

"It's a tremendous opportunity, it was at the right time with new leadership at the university and with Al E. Cat serving us for 23 strong, it was just very appropriate," Bryant said.

Students and faculty packed into the Student Activities Center to get the first look at the new mascot, who is already showing off his charisma in front of the camera.

"If you can't get excited about an undergraduate campus like this then you really should be doing something else," Keel said. "It's a very significant day for us and a very fun time."

Keel says the event is already bringing a fresh buzz to the campus.

"It was a great turnout, a lot of kids here were anxious about what this means for them," he said. "It's their new mascot, it's their new representative of the great programs we have here and a great turnout."

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