High 5 4 Kids: Rebecca Wang

High 5 4 Kids: Rebecca Wang

This week's High 5 4 Kids spotlight is a high school senior who is gifted academically, and artistically.

Seventeen year old Rebecca Wang is like most other high school seniors, touring colleges and making plans for her senior year. When she's not studying hard for her AP classes, she's in her school's art studio perfecting her craft.

"I would draw everywhere, like on the walls and inside books and everywhere. But I really started to get interested probably around third grade," Rebecca said.

She spends at least an hour a day in the art studio at Davidson Fine Arts High School drawing or painting. She's not just working on her artwork at school, she teaches it on weekends to other kids in the CSRA.

"I was always involved with Chinese school. I went there because I'm Chinese, so I go there for classes," she said. "And then one day they were wondering if they wanted to open an art class, and so I was like 'Oh I'll teach it."

Rebecca's teacher, Dawn Wiggins, has worked with her since middle school, and said watching Rebecca grow as an artist has been a joy to watch.

"From start to finish she's just always pushed herself, she has always put everything first in terms of her art. She also puts academics high up. She's just somebody that excels in absolutely everything," said Wiggins.

But for someone so gifted in art, Rebecca doesn't brag about her success.

"How humble she is, that's something I always come back to. She'll win contests, she'll come in first, and she just always just very humble and thankful and very gracious to me as a teacher," Wiggins said. "She just doesn't have a selfish side, she's always so thankful and also never going to feel like she's the best. She's just very, very down to Earth and grounded person."

For Rebecca, it's never been about the awards, it's been about having the freedom to express herself.

"Don't let anyone else tell you what to do, just do what you want and how you want to do it. Because it's art! It's what you want. No one else can draw that picture for you," Rebecca said.

Rebecca said she plans to either minor or double major in art when she goes to college next year.

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