High 5 4 Kids: Mia Rhodes

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Mia Rhodes is an Augusta 17-year-old aspiring to be a computer programmer. She's starting her senior year at the Richmond County Technical Career Magnet School, and is setting a great example for her peers.

"Do your work and apply yourself. And, just make sure you get done what you need to get done so that you can be successful in the future," Mia said.

It's that attitude that has pushed Mia to do her best.

"I've always been interested in computers and how they build apps or sites," she said.

Her best efforts are paying off. Mia just finished a summer internship and is dual enrolled at Augusta Technical College. In fact, she's already completed four college courses, and still has a year of high school left.

Her mother, Jennifer Rhodes, couldn't be prouder.

"She's a hard worker. I don't stop her," Jennifer Rhodes said. "If she says she wants to go get it, she wants to go get it, let her do it. And, I'm behind her 100 percent, in anything she does."

Mia said the school's computer programming track is helping her dreams become reality.

"I remember taking my first HTML class," she said. "And, actually doing an assignment where I had to build one of the sites for my homework. And, it was exciting. I enjoy it a lot," Mia said.

Mia's mother said her daughter's interest in computers started at a young age.

"She's always been into certain apps, or certain things that come out, something new," Jennifer Rhodes said. "If the new software comes out, she's really hyped about it. Even more now, but at a young age she was into the software. So, if I have questions on computers or anything, that's where I go to."

Rhodes is taking more college courses throughout her senior year. She said she's looking forward to college and achieving her goals.

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