High 5 4 Kids: Boys and Girls Club of Augusta

High 5 4 Kids: Boys and Girls Club of Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Boys and Girls Club in downtown Augusta said more than 10 % of their campers have admitted to being bullied but say they were too scared to say anything. To help, the clubs directors came up with bullying program to help with those statistics.

Sharmin Daniels, a computer tech with Boys and Girls Clubs, said they took a bullying poll with for their campers.

"We had them raise their hand if they'd ever been bullied, or felt like they'd been bullied. It was kind of shocking that some of them raised their hand, but they've never told," said Daniels.

As a result, the Boys and Girls Club said they are doing their best to put a stop to bullying. With over 150 kids in their 8 week summer program, they said they want a bully-free zone.

Camper Ariana Readeau said she doesn't see the point to people picking on each other.

"I think people just bully because they want to be on top. There's really no reason to intimidate people, because really nobody is perfect, so," said Readeau.

It's an attitude like that program directors want all kids to have. The clubs campers spend an hour each day learning about bullying and the consequences of it.

"We start early teaching them how not to bully, and the older they get they know it's not right. They know what to do if they see it happening, they aren't scared to report it," said Daniels.

The Club said the kids study all kinds of bullying, including cyber bulling. They learn what is and isn't appropriate to post and discuss on the internet.

Camper Donovan Pierce said he thinks bullying does not contribute to a happy life.

"Don't bully people because, the golden rule is "Treat people the way you want to be treated," and make sure you can live a happy life and a full life," said Donovan.

The Club said the effects of the bullying classes are encouraging to see. They said the kids are more open to talk about bullying and discouraging one another from it. They've had all the kids sign bullying contracts promising to not bully anyone.

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