Communities in Schools in Augusta receives national accreditation

Communities in Schools in Augusta receives national accreditation

Roughly four in ten Richmond County students can't graduate from high school, according to the Georgia Department of Education.

One local non-profit has been working tirelessly to make a difference.

The Communities in Schools of Augusta and Richmond County has received national accreditation of their program.

WFXG spoke with the non profit's executive director, Laurie Cook, who said this award is a huge step in the right direction.

"We started last July and lots of 50-60 hour weeks just getting everything together to do it," said Cook. "We were thrilled because it was hard fought, hard won and our board was ecstatic because our board was one of the first to achieve it and to do that right here in Augusta is pretty cool."

Communities in Schools helps needy students get on the path to graduation in the Augusta area. One of their biggest success stories? The Performance Learning Center.

"We've had some amazing results with that program, last year alone we had 63 graduates and these were kids that were considered high school dropouts that graduated with a high school diploma," said Cook.

Site coordinators like Rico Partlow are in charge of helping the students get back on track to having an education. Partlow said that there are different issues besides motivation that can hold back a student from getting an education.

"Another issue is you can read and perform at math but you don't have the parental support at home so therefore you completely fall off because no one really cares in a sense or checks up on you," said Partlow.

Now that the Communities in Schools has received national accreditation, they can continue to expand programs, just like the Performance Learning Center.

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