High 5 4 Kids: 'Bacteria Battle' design team

High 5 4 Kids: 'Bacteria Battle' design team

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "Bacteria Battle" is now a fun game you can download for free on your smartphone, thanks to a few fifth-graders at Chukker Creek Elementary.

"They came up with this whole idea of creating a video game or an app on their own," teacher Alecia Kinard said.

But the students in Kinard's class wanted to do much more than just play games.

"Someone looked around the room and saw an article on the wall that was written about my daughter," Kinard explained.

The article was about Taylor, Kinard's 15-month-old daughter, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. Kinard's students decided they wanted their game to raise awareness.

That's when GRU stepped in to help.

"They gave us their initial sketches, the gameplay and [then] it went back to them," said Jeff Mastromonico, Director of Instructional Design and Development at GRU. "They gave us their ideas about what did work and what didn't work."

Facts about cystic fibrosis come up throughout the game. Kinard said her students did all the research, and she couldn't be more proud.

"I still get choked up about it, to see these kids who want to be video game designers when they grow up and that they also get a peek at what our personal life is like," she said.

Kinard said now the kids have big plans to expand the game and stick together to make it even bigger.

To download "Bacteria Battle," head to Jaguware.com

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