City officials speaking out after firing Gary Jones

City officials speaking out after firing Gary Jones

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - City officials in Grovetown spoke out for the first time Monday after firing former Department of Public Safety Chief Gary Jones last month.

Mayor George James referred all questions about Gary Jones to city attorney Brendan Fleming. James did state he would only talk about the former chief after Jones agreed to sign a waiver allowing the city to freely speak about his time with the Grovetown Department of Public Safety.

Jones was fired on April 28 after he was told by city officials his service was no longer needed as director. Jones said he felt he had been treated unfairly when he was placed on extended probation after demoting an employee. He said after he was fired, he got no real answer from officials on why he was let go.

Fleming cited a "personnel issue" as the reason for Jones' dismissal, but he isn't saying much more than that.

"He did not follow proper policy. We have a written policy that says what he's supposed to do and he did not follow that," Fleming said. "There were some things that he did that were good, and some things that was not done properly. And I can't really go into any further detail than that, but there's some things that are just obviously not done properly."

WFXG's Katy Solt asked Fleming, "So in this situation, you're basically saying the bad outweighed the good?"

"In essence, yes," Fleming said.

All Jones was asking for at the city council meeting tonight was clarification as to why he was let go.

"[I want] them to do things the correct way, instead of basically hanging me out to dry on what they call a 15-day rule," Jones said. "But many, many, many employees have been terminated and demoted in the past, and it never came into play. But they want to use it this particular time on me because of a particular employee."

Jones said he has hired an attorney, and that his attorney has already filed open records requests with the city of Grovetown. Jones also said he has started looking for other jobs in law enforcement and security.

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