Large crowd attends final public meeting on Palmetto Pipeline

Large crowd attends final public meeting on Palmetto Pipeline

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Opponents and supporters of the Palmetto Pipeline squared off Thursday night in Waynesboro in the latest public comment meeting.

It was the final public meeting before the Georgia DOT decides whether to allow Kinger Morgan to build the pipeline in the state.

The company once again outlined their plan and what they feel is an economic need for an additional line across hundreds of miles in Georgia.

"We believe we have a project that's in the best interest of the state," said Allen Fore, vice president of Kinder Morgan. "We a project that will help deliver a very important product which is gasoline, diesel, and ethanol..which everybody uses."

Opponents said the impact of any potential leak to surrounding ground and water isn't worth the risk.

Some of those who spoke against the line pointed to environmental concerns. Others worry the company wants power from the government to seize the property through eminent domain.

"I just don't think their application shows how this is a public need," said Ogeechee Riverkeeper Emily Markesteyn. "It must be a public need not Kinder Morgan's need."

Very few supported it. Those folks stated trucks and ships can be faulty too.

Now, both sides are waiting to see what the state of Georgia decides.

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