High 5 4 Kids: Ra'Quan Reeves

High 5 4 Kids: Ra'Quan Reeves

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta high school seniors are preparing to graduate in just a few short weeks, and for one Westside High Senior, graduation is something he didn't think he would see.

Seventeen year old Ra'Quan Reeves is just like any other high school senior.

"I go to Warren Road and play basketball, play baseball. I just watch sports," said Reeves.

Like every other senior, he's counting down the days to graduation, a day doctors didn't think he would live to see.

"They actually told my mom I wouldn't live to see the age of five years old," Reeves said.

Ra'Quan has Hydrocephalus, a condition where there is an abnormal amount of fluid in the brain, which causes increased pressure inside the skull.

"They said with the extent of surgeries and the amount of pressure that was on my brain that I wouldn't live to see five, and if I did, I would take developmental classes and special ed classes."

But he made it. After seventeen operations, and with the help of loved ones and special teachers, like his social studies teacher, Ivory Hugee.

"I had a brother who's passed now who had the same medical issue that he had and probably had some other issues," said Hugee. "But I just wanted him to be just like everybody else, so I was pretty tough on him."

Ra'Quan is attending East Georgia State College in the fall and plans to transfer to GRU to work toward his dream job of working in pediatric neuroscience.

"I knew he could do it," said Hugee. "Just knowing how he works through it and he's a champion in my book. I coach football. and we always pride ourselves on as being tough, but you know, he's a pretty tough kid."

"Basically off of personal experience, I just want to help the families and the children that go through what I had to go through when I was younger," said Reeves.

While the clock is ticking down to graduation day, Ra'Quan is ready to start taking classes to help save lives.

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