Grovetown Public Safety Director Gary Jones fired

GROVETOWN, GA (WFXG) - Grovetown Director of Public Safety Gary Jones has been fired, city officials confirmed Tuesday.

Jones announced on his Facebook page that he was dismissed:

"Well friends the attorney for Grovetown and the City Administrator just called me up to City Hall to tell me that my services are no longer needed as the Director of Public Safety. I asked why and no response was given. The Mayor was in City Hall and did not even have the courage to be present. The issues are certainly more than most know. Rest assured the story will get out ASAP with the media. I enjoyed serving the citizens of Grovetown but politics and nepotism rule."

Mayor George W. James III released an e-mail he said Jones sent to City Administrator Shirley Beasley on Friday.

In the e-mail, Jones said that city employees were telling him and public safety employees that he was not doing a good job. Jones admitted to breaking a city policy when he demoted an employee but said that it was a "common practice of the city."

Jones said he felt he was being "treated unfairly" when he was placed on extended probation for demoting the employee.

"If the mayor and city is not satisfied with my performance draft up severance offer and I will negotiate," Jones wrote in the e-mail. He also said that he was "miserable" and wanted to discuss the issues with Beasley to "see if a resolution can be derived."

Jones said he is considering legal action and he does want to work in law enforcement again, but he said it won't be with Grovetown.

"I don't know that if they offered me a half a million dollars a year I'd want to come back and work for people that number one that you don't trust, and number two that don't appreciate the job you're doing," Jones said. "I've always done what's right. I haven't violated the law, I haven't done anything that's unethical. When the city does something like this simply because they're using the probationary status and the Georgia Free Will, or at will to get rid of somebody, and say they don't need them, it could tarnish my reputation of moving onto another Chief's job somewhere."

Jones took over as Grovetown director of public safety in December. Prior to that, he was police chief for Harlem Public Safety.

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