High 5 4 Kids: Leyana Baggett

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County teen is representing the state of Georgia through her writing.

This week's spotlight kid, Leyana Baggett, was the one of the county-level winners of the Young Georgia Authors contest.

"I said, 'Wow, I didn't know you wrote. You do everything else.' So, it was sort of shocking in regard, not that she couldn't do it, but that she does so many other things," said Charles Gibens, principal at Glenn Hills High School.

A student athlete and academic scholar, Baggett took a chance and is now being recognized across the state.

"She's one of the ones that stood out as being an excellent writer coming into the class," said James Kitchens, a teacher at Glenn Hills High School.

"It's a way for me to put how I feel in like an everyday situation down on paper. It's kind of like a stress reliever," Leyana said.

Leyana's writing about her everyday experiences lead to her winning a spot in the contest.

"My mom, she's working on her own and has two kids, which is me and my brother, and I know times were tough and she needs help, but I kind of based it off of her," Leyana said.

From basketball to softball, to now being known as an outstanding youth author in the CSRA, Leyana continues to strive for success. And, Gibens said he sees her pushing toward many goals that she never thought possible.

"You will never know how good you are doing anything until you're willing to take a risk to try to do it," Gibens said. "And I think this speaks volumes of that young lady, who really didn't know at first but she was willing to take a risk."

"She's always eager to share, she does her work and she's a very outgoing student and I'm sure she is going to go far," Kitchens said.

Baggett says she has always lack confidence in her writing and finally trying something new turned out to have a positive ending.

The national competition will be held in Atlanta next month.

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