Tracks are open again after Trenton train derailment

Tracks are open again after Trenton train derailment

TRENTON, SC (WFXG) - Just two days after a train derailed in Trenton, S.C., residents are back home and the track is back open.

Norfolk Southern Director of Communications Rick Harris said that this has been a fast recovery and as of Sunday night everything is back to normal.

Crews worked non-stop since Friday to clean up the mess.

Harris said that crews moved the last derailed car from the tracks at midnight Sunday so that they could start repairing the tracks. Around 5 p.m. Sunday, the tracks were operable.

The Director of Edgefield County EMA says they hope to finish the clean up process by the end of the week.

"All residents as of right now has been allowed to return to their homes," Suzy Spurgeon said. "Norfolk Southern and their contract companies have stabilized all the cars."

"What remains to be done now is to go in and remove all the wrecked cars because they were placed to the side so that the track was good to proceed, and that will continue over the next few days, but the track is re-opened and we are back in business," Harris said.

Spurgeon said that they are expecting some bad weather, so there's a strong possibility that may slow down the cleanup process.

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