Masters patrons spending big bucks on merchandise

Masters patrons spending big bucks on merchandise

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - When you go to the Masters, you'll see patrons stocking up on plenty of the merchandise in the golf shops.

The Masters merchandise is something you can only get at Augusta National, and patrons have some different strategies when hitting the golf shops.

Masters patron Kelly Hughes has been coming to the tournament for years, and said today she made sure to stock up on merchandise for herself and for her friends.

"My credit card was smoking today," Hughes said with a laugh.

Patron Cole Poynter said in his first trip to the Masters, he made sure to stop and get some of the popular clothing items.

"Got some good new merchandise from the store," Poynter said. "Got a new hat, got everything."

Walking around the course, you'll see patrons with long receipts pages and bags stuffed to the top with hundreds of dollars of Masters gear. Some patrons, like Hughes, come prepared to fight the long lines and the crowds that fill the golf shop.

"We have a long list and I just go through and try to group everything together and check it off the best we can," Hughes said.

While others, like Poynter, just go with the flow.

"I saw a couple guys wearing some cool hats, so I went over there, checked them out and got some cool shirts and stuff," he said. "We just went around the store and picked everything up that we needed."

Popular items this year included cups, bags and of course the clothes. Hughes said the clothes were the most requested items.

"Lots of t-shirts this year," she said. "Visors, hats, lots of things like that."

A basic baseball hat will cost you about $20 at the golf shop. But patrons at the Masters say you need to be flexible when shopping because the items you want may not be in stock later on in the week."

"They were out of quite a few t-shirts, so I would say t-shirts were down a little bit," Hughes said.

Everyone agrees when you come to the National, it's worth the extra spending for clothes you can't find anywhere else.

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