Masters Tournament going mobile

Masters Tournament going mobile

Augusta National Golf Club (WFXG) - The Masters is broadcast around the world to millions of people every day, and now they want to improve the viewing process for golf fans.

The Masters is known for being very traditional, and now they're making the move to new technology. The Masters already has an app available, offering fans the full tournament experience. The app has everything from photos to news articles, and you can even watch the tournament live.

Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne also announced Wednesday in the State of the Masters press conference that the club was in the process of developing a better live-streaming system so people can watch a higher quality broadcast online.

The system will also give golf fans a look into some behind the scenes areas of Augusta National, something patrons say is a way to make the Masters experience even more unique.

"Not too many people get to come out here and experience what exactly this is all about," said patron Ryan Bailey. "This being our first time here, we've noticed certain things of the camera angles they have on the course. You can't exactly tell how the course plays as well as well as you could if you had live-streaming cameras say on the sidelines of where people are standing watching the actual play take place."

"Sure you see the course, but it'd be cool to see the clubhouse, locker rooms all that kind of stuff. I think it'd be a great addition," said first-time patron Nick Kull.

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