Landing restrictions at Daniel Field during Masters

Landing restrictions at Daniel Field during Masters

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Masters week is here, and people from here, there and everywhere will be coming to Augusta National. By land and by air, traffic will will pick up.

Daniel Field Airport will be placing landing restrictions to help the flow of traffic during Masters week.

Federal rules currently prevent pilots from landing in bad weather using instrument-controlled approaches from twilight to dawn.

"From sunset to sunrise, people are not able to use that approach if we have weather," said Vice President of Operations, Becky Shealy. "That's what we call an instrument approach. However, if it's a clear night, they can come in visually."

However, starting Wednesday through Sunday, the airport will be a controlled-only field because of the high volume of traffic.

Master's week sees more arrivals and departures at the airport than any other time of the year. Officials said these changes will help give VIPs a smooth landing.

"It's a different group of people that come in starting Thursday," Shealy said. "They are the badge-holders, and we'll see some people that will come in and out every day with a different group of people."

Shealy said that they have been preparing for Masters since December of 2014. And although the real crowd doesn't show up until Wednesday, they believe that they pretty much have a handle on things.

"One of the beauties of working out here at Daniel Field is that majority of the people that are here have tenure in this event," Shealy said. "There are people that take their spring break to come out here and work just because they love aircraft. And we are blessed to be able to have that."

During Masters week, Shealy says they will see anywhere from 80 to 100 planes coming in and out daily.

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