Richmond County School System holds career fair

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County School System is looking for new teachers, and Saturday morning they hosted a career fair to help kick start the hiring process.

With 58 school representatives under one roof, the Richmond County School System career fair is one of the largest in the CSRA.

'It's very essential so we can obtain highly qualified teachers to our area to teach our children. And that's what we're doing today, we're looking for highly qualified teachers in all areas," said Scarlett Rollen, the HR Coordinator with the Board of Education.

Representatives from elementary, middle, high school, as well as the K-8 and magnet schools all had a representative present to interview potential candidates, and the variety of schools hiring is what school officials said draws in such a large pool of candidates.

"Richmond County has a lot of schools, a lot of different schools and magnet programs, so a lot of things for anyone who enjoys different aspects of education," said Kierstin Johnson, the Assistant Principal at the Academy of Richmond County. "So there's something for everyone, the same way there are for students, there are for education professionals."

For Johnson and the staff at ARC, what really makes a standout candidate is the passion for the job, and the commitment to helping students grow.

"Someone who loves kids. If you love kids, then at ARC we feel like we can teach you how to teach kids well," Johnson said. "So we look for someone who really loves kids and loves to teach, loves their profession in general, loves the content that they teach, and from there we can work with folks."

And with summer break just months away, the school system is ready to get a jump-start on hiring the best candidates possible for the 2015 school year.

If you missed the job fair today but are still interested in applying, click here for a list of job postings.

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