GRU statement on allegations of animal abuse

GRU responding to allegations of animal abuse

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "At Georgia Regents University, animals are selectively used in research leading to better understanding of the human body, new treatments, and cures.

Today, an advocacy group's sensational accounts of two preliminary reports from a routine USDA site visit grossly misrepresent that mission. Neither report contains any findings of illegal activity or negligence affecting animal welfare at GRU. The USDA has also not issued a fine.

GRU's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, a committee of scientists and community members, carefully vets every use of animals in biomedical research at GRU. An internal review following the preliminary USDA reports also found no instances of negligence affecting animal welfare at any university research facilities. GRU will continue to pursue the highest standards of animal care in medical and scientific research that is lessening the burden of disease on society and improving patient lives."

From Georgia Regents University.