Fort Gordon to soon require background checks for businesses, vendors

Fort Gordon to soon require background checks for businesses, vendors

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Employees of private businesses and vendors who do business on Fort Gordon will soon have to get a background check before coming onto the installation.

These policy changes are the next phase in the implementation of directives issued last fall by the Department of the Army. All visitors to military installations will eventually be required to get a National Crime and Information Center background check or be escorted while on any installation.

These new requirements are being implemented in phases. During the fall and winter months, background checks were underway for Department of Defense (DOD) contractors who work on Fort Gordon.

This next phase requires that non-DOD personnel - vendors, shipping companies, food and furniture delivery employees and other workers - doing business on Fort Gordon get background checks. Soft enforcement and reminders will start on April 1.

By June 1, vendors and business employees who haven't applied for a background check will be denied access. They will be asked to apply for their background pass online, at the McKenna Gate 1 Visitors Control Center or through the Directorate of Emergency Services Physical Security Office.

Once a background check has been completed and is approved, it's valid for up to one year. These business people and vendors will be given installation access passes that are good for 30 days. They will have to renew the pass every 30 days.

A third phase that will require background checks for general public visitors attending small events, such as weddings or birthday parties at the Gordon Club, is expected to begin this summer.

At some point after that, a final phase requiring background checks for general public visitors will be implemented.

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