The Salvation Army prepares for the cold weather

Salvation Army prepares for cold weather

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - As the temperatures drop, shelters in the area are preparing.

The Salvation Army provides shelter every day through out the year but during the colder months, like February, more people ask for their services.

Primarily they house the homeless and those who may live in their cars but their doors are open for anyone else who may need shelter during this time of year.

The weather isn't too cold but should it get to freezing and below freezing temperatures, those conditions are exactly what places like the Salvation Army are preparing for.

"We're just kind of preparing," said Major Tony Perez, with the Salvation Army of Augusta. "Cooking a little extra food, making sure we have things for breakfast and those types of things because we're getting down into the teens, we began to see a pretty good influx of people."

Major Perez said the maximum capacity of the shelter in downtown is about 120 and if the weather should reach freezing temperatures, we'll see many more shelters begin to open around the CSRA.

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