Violent crime rate down significantly in Richmond County


A report recently released from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office shows a comparison between crime rates in 2012 and 2014.

According to the report, violent crimes like homicides and aggravated assault with a weapon are down over 30% over the last two years, something officials say comes from a great partnership between the Richmond County Sheriff's Office and the community.

"When you're working hard, you expect the numbers to go down. But when you're working hard and you go back and see these numbers, and you're talking 20 and 30 percent decreases in crime, you can sit and say 'Wow, this is really working,' " said Lt. Alan Rollins with the Sheriff's Office.

The violent crime rate in Richmond County is dropping rapidly, and officials credit a vigilant police force, and a stronger connection with the community for the decrease.

"We're teaching our officers that this is the public and we work with the public. We're here for the public," said Lt. Rollins.

The number of homicides has decreased by 38%, the number of aggravated assaults with a gun by 34%, and the number of rapes by 9%. Robberies and burglaries also decreased by over 30%, and Rollins says the police patrols in neighborhoods have served as an example for residents.

"When you're getting the community involved, when you're showing the community that law enforcement will take an active role in solving your problems, you're not so inclined to do them yourself," he said.

Lt. Rollins also said community policing efforts and neighborhood watches have helped point out to officers the areas that may need to be watched a little more closely

."We're your law enforcement, where do we need to go," said Lt. Rollins. "This is their neighborhood. They're there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They know, they see. They know all kinds of things that are happening in the neighborhood, but if you don't get involved, it's going to happen."

The Sheriff's Office says the best way to keep decreasing these numbers is for the community to keep calling in whenever they think there might be a crime happening in their neighborhood. You can call the main office line at 706-821-1000 or Dispatch at 706-821-1080.

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